Self-Reflection To Increase Self-Awareness

There is no happiness if the things we believe in are different than the things we do

Albert Camus, Philosopher, Writer

A retrospective on the previous year is an excellent way for students to learn about themselves and project insights into the new year. The best time to start is after the winter break at the beginning of the new calendar year. Self-Reflection activities for students help them grow their Self-awareness and identify themselves as individuals. In many cases, self-reflection activities establish the foundations for time management and goal setting.

Why is it so important?
First, we want our kids to be independent in dealing with challenges.
Second, when they know their strengths and weaknesses, goal setting becomes more reliable and realistic, plus helps achieve their full potential.

Here you’ll find various self-reflection activities for the previous year and wish writing for the next year. You also find self-reflection templates not bound to any year. The primary audience is students in grades 3-6. Give your students these highly engaging writing activities to reflect their year. Let them write about their favorite moments, experiences, and achievements.

You can use them as a morning activity or as a writing activity during the first week back from winter break, encourage discussions among your students, let them express their feelings and thoughts. Here, we provide you a collection of free printables. If you find this post useful or have some thoughts to share, please let us know by rating us or by leaving a comment in the section below.



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