Welcome, fellow educators! We’re so glad you’re here. Chances are, you’re in the market for some new resources. Maybe you’re at your wits end trying to plan all the lessons and your creativity is just not showing up. Maybe you’re looking to diversify your teacher toolbox with more engaging materials. Or maybe you’re hunting for some new ways to reach a wider variety of learning styles.

Whatever your motivation for visiting our site, we believe you’ll find what you need. Our focus is on engaging enrichment resources, tools, and templates to make your life easier and your students happier. Our wide range of materials includes:

  • Classroom Decoration
  • Clipart
  • Templates
  • Printable
  • Paperless Activities & Games
  • Educational Games
  • Diverse Learning Activities

We know how hard it can be to find quality materials online from a brand you trust, so let us ease your mind about our products by introducing ourselves.

What We Do

Planerium offers valuable resources for educators and learners worldwide. We’re always in creation mode here, developing high quality, unique, and seasonal content that’s perfect for the interactive elementary school classroom.

Our diverse products challenge educators to think outside the box and redefine how, when, and where learning can take place.

Planerium’s goal is to help busy teachers like you add meaningful and creative teaching materials to their classrooms without adding more time, stress, or frustration. We also know a thing or two about #teacherlife – that’s why we keep our materials affordable, packed with value, and easy to use.

Who We Are

Efrat Fass, a mom to 2 school-age children, a wife, content designer, and teacher with a professional background in theater design. Before becoming a teacher, Efrat designed scenery, costumes, experiential museums, and attractions. The work for educational museums has helped her realize how much she loves the concept of learning through a visually-rich and interactive environment.

Teaching fellow educators have opened her eyes to the unique needs and gaps in resources available to teachers in their classrooms. Being on both sides, both as a primary school teacher and then as an educator to teachers, Efrat learned how to tackle curriculum design from multiple angles and across numerous grade levels and subject areas. Her work at Planerium is all about helping you improve your teaching and your students’ learning outcomes.

Efrat’s eye for design means creating high quality, visually appealing, and unique classroom resources. She specializes in interactive elementary school content across subject areas, always to foster your students’ independence and critical thinking skills. Developing content that promotes independent learning and helps busy teachers truly brings her joy.

The other half of the Planerium team is Avishai Niazov. His talents and experience as an IT manager complement Efrat’s creativity perfectly. Avishai is Planerium’s Webmaster and Media editor, handling all things tech for the business.

These combined skills position Planerium as the best content-creating, a time-saving duo for teachers everywhere!

Keep In Touch

We are so glad you’ve found our site, and we especially love getting to know our customers. Drop a comment to introduce yourself and tell us what resources you need the most! We’re always busy creating new materials just for YOU.