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Empowering Educators and Families Through Creative Printables

Welcome to Planerium, your one-stop destination for engaging and inspiring printables, designed for preschool to primary grade students. Founded by Avishai and Efrat, a dynamic husband and wife duo, our mission is to provide teachers, parents, and homeschoolers with a rich collection of educational resources that spark creativity and enhance learning.

Meet Efrat Fass

Efrat, the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Planerium, designs and markets our wide range of printables. As an experienced educator and graphic designer, she understands the importance of engaging and visually appealing educational materials. From coloring pages to printable games, crafts, and worksheets, Efrat is committed to developing high-quality resources that inspire young learners and support their educational journey.

Meet Avishai Niazov

Avishai, the Co-Founder and Technical Director, is responsible for building, designing, and maintaining our website. With a passion for technology and a keen eye for detail, he ensures that Planerium’s user experience is seamless and enjoyable. Avishai’s dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest web development trends allows us to consistently offer our visitors a top-notch browsing experience.

Why We Built Planerium

As parents and educators ourselves, we understand the challenges of finding creative and effective teaching materials. Driven by our passion for education and our belief in the power of visual learning, we set out to create a platform that offers a vast selection of printables that cater to diverse learning styles and needs.

Our Vision

At Planerium, we envision a world where teachers, parents, and homeschoolers have easy access to the resources they need to foster a love of learning in children. We are dedicated to continually expanding our library of printables to ensure that we cover a wide array of subjects and themes. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and creativity guides us as we work to develop printables that engage, inspire, and empower young minds.

Optimized for Success 

With over 2500 printables available, our website attracts 40000 monthly visitors, 80% of whom are from the United States. We take pride in our strong organic search presence and our active community on Pinterest. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to optimizing our content and website based on the latest SEO practices, ensuring that our resources reach as many educators and families as possible.

Join Us on Our Journey 

We invite you to explore our extensive collection of free and premium printables, designed to enrich and enliven the learning experience for preschool to primary grade students. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or homeschooler, we’re confident that our resources will make a valuable addition to your educational toolkit.

Thank you for choosing Planerium, and happy teaching!

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