Get Ready for the Great Outdoors: Fun Camping Printables for Kindergarten and Elementary Students

Cheerful kids lying near a tent at camp.

Camping trips are a great way to provide students with a hands-on learning experience and to create lasting memories. To make the planning process easier for teachers and parents, we’ve put together a collection of free camping printable that include coloring pages, worksheets, games, and templates. These resources are perfect for kindergarten and elementary school students, helping them develop important skills while having fun.

Camping Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are a great way to engage students and encourage creativity. Our camping coloring pages feature scenes from the great outdoors, including tents, campfires, and wildlife. Benefits include developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as encouraging imagination and self-expression. Tip: Use these coloring pages as part of a lesson plan or as a quiet activity during downtime.

Camping Worksheets

Our camping worksheets include a variety of fun and educational activities, such as word searches, mazes, and crossword puzzles. These resources help students develop important skills, including reading, writing, and problem-solving. Benefits include promoting critical thinking and reinforcing classroom learning. Tip: Use these worksheets as a supplement to your lesson plan or as a fun activity for students who finish their work early.

Camping Songs

Engage children in the joy of music and camping through these delightful song lyrics. Perfect for teachers and parents, these printable resources bring the spirit of the great outdoors to life. Spark creativity, promote language development, and enhance rhythmic skills as children sing along to camping-themed tunes. Encourage interactive movements, clapping, and dancing to make the songs come alive. These printable lyrics provide a wonderful opportunity to bond, have fun, and create lasting memories through the magic of music and camping. 


Camping Kids Stories

Delight in the magic of the great outdoors through these captivating tales, designed for teachers and parents to share with children. Immerse young minds in adventure, fostering imagination, love for nature, and character development. Expand vocabulary, instill valuable life lessons, and encourage meaningful discussions. Engage children with interactive props and activities, igniting their curiosity and creativity. Together, let’s embark on a storytelling journey that sparks joy, learning, and a deeper connection with the wonders of camping.

Camping Games

Our camping games are a fun way to get students active and engaged. From scavenger hunts to nature walks, these games help students explore the outdoors while developing important skills, including teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Benefits include promoting physical activity and socialization. Tip: Use these games as a team-building activity or as a way to break up the day during a long camping trip.

Camping Templates

Our camping templates are perfect for creating fun and educational crafts. From making paper lanterns to designing their own camping gear, these templates help students develop important skills, including creativity, imagination, and problem-solving. Benefits include promoting hands-on learning and developing fine motor skills.

Tip: Use these templates as part of a camping-themed art project or as a fun activity during downtime.

Our free camping printables are a great way to engage kindergarten and elementary school students while promoting important skills and knowledge. Whether you’re planning a camping trip or just looking for fun and educational activities, these resources are sure to be a hit with your students.

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