Unique Memory game for Valentines Day

Hearts Pattern Memory Game

I love creating and playing with my kid’s memory/matching games. These games are so easy to prepare, barely taking up space at home and every time we play, it is a memory challenge for my children and me.

From my content designer point of view, memory games have many benefits for teachers, students, and parents: improving visual memory and

concentration, observing details, noticing similarities and differences, and playing skills, and can be used for any subject and every language.

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Especially for Valentine’s Day, I have created the Heart Patterns Memory game that can be used both for children and adults all around the world, and it is  FREE to Download.

Hearts Pattern - Memory Game | Planerium

This Printable Game can be a special gift for your loved ones on Valentine’s day and an opportunity to share quality time together while playing.


  • 24 cards designed in black & white in a square shape,
  • Size 2.2X2.2 inch.

The cards have a bright gray background, a linear frame, and a heart with a pattern in the center.

Hearts Pattern Cards - Memory Game | Planerium

All you need to do is print on quality paper like cardstock, laminate if you can, cut and put the cards into a beautiful envelope or a little box and give to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

I think it’s different to be involved with making a present for someone you love than to buy one. Tell us what do you think.

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