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About Us

Welcome, fellow educators! We’re so glad you’re here. Chances are, you’re in the market for some new resources. Maybe you’re at your wits end trying to plan all the lessons and your creativity is just not showing up. Maybe you’re looking to diversify your teacher toolbox with more engaging materials. Or maybe you’re hunting for some new ways to reach a wider variety of learning styles.
Whatever your motivation for visiting our site, we believe you’ll find what you need. Our focus is on engaging enrichment resources, tools, and templates to make your life easier and your students happier. Our wide range of materials includes: Classroom Decoration, Clipart, Templates, Printable, Paperless Activities & Games, Educational Games and Diverse Learning Activities.

What we do

Planerium offers valuable resources for educators and learners worldwide. We’re always in creation mode here, developing high quality, unique, and seasonal content that’s perfect for the interactive elementary school classroom.

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Sale! Jewish Holidays Memory Games Bundle
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Online Games

Online games are great way to learn while playing with valuable resources interactively


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