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We primarily designed our word search maker for busy educators who need to quickly and easily create an educational word search puzzle.

Whether you need a tiny word search puzzle for the lower primary grades with only five rows and five columns or an impressive 30 on 30 words puzzle, here is the right place for you!

Test your students for how long it took them to complete your puzzle or make a competition among your students for the one who ended the puzzle in the shortest time.

And the best thing is it’s free. No matter how many words search puzzles you create, which size, and how long you are playing online.

What is a word search puzzle?

A word search, or word find puzzle is a word puzzle game that consists of the letters of words positioned in a grid, which typically has a rectangle-shaped or square shape.


The goal is to locate and mark the words that are hidden inside the puzzle. 

The terms may be placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. 

Frequently a list of the secret words is displayed along with the puzzle, 

but more challenging puzzles might not provide a checklist.


Numerous word search puzzles have a theme to which all the hidden names belong, 

such as holidays, seasons, verbs, food, animals, or colors.

Top 5 benefits from using Word Search Maker

Word search puzzles help to recognize English letters. Plus, they can enhance spelling by identifying “fake” words or words that practically look real.


You have the freedom to modify the words list, either by using a different length of words or by changing the number of words on each list. As for the puzzle itself, you have the options to set different sizes and to be as a square or rectangle.


Word search puzzles offer a variety of educational exercises. Not just are they different from other educational activities, but teachers can also target the difficulty level of each word search puzzle, based on the topic, they choose words from, or the words’ complexity.


Many educators believe that word search puzzles offer students confidence and boost imagination as an independent learning exercise, especially when students make word search puzzles of their own.


English as a Second Language
ESL instructors believe word search activity reinforces the vocabulary, especially in young students who learn through reading.


The best way to understand whether word search puzzles are suitable for your students is to create one of your own.  If you created one that is incredibly practical for your students, please share it with other teachers in the comments below this page.

3 Techniques to solve word search puzzle

The first and most common technique for finding all the words is to scan the puzzle from left to right or from top to bottom and find the first letter.

After finding the first letter, you look at the eight letters placed around to see whether the next letter is there. When you find one, continue this technique until you find the entire word.


The second technique is to search for rarely used letters within the word you search, like Q, J, X, and Z. Check letters frequency here.


The third technique is relevant in cases where you have words that contain two adjacent identical letters, for example, different or letters.


Some tips:
The puzzles created by a computer system tend to put words in patterns. Moreover, the longer the words and the more words in the list, the easier they will find.


Creating a word search puzzle with Planerium word search maker is very easy! Just add your desired words in the words area where each word in a separate line, then click Start. Planerium word search puzzle can arrange the terms horizontally, vertically, diagonal, and backward.

There is no limit as long as you set the height of the puzzle correctly. As a rule of thumb, set the height equal to or greater than the number of words in the options section. For example, if you entered 12 words, set the height to 12 or greater than 12.

There is no limit as long as you set the width of the puzzle correctly. As a rule of thumb, in the options section, set the word search puzzle’s width equal to or greater than your longest word. For example, if your longest word in the list is ‘congratulations’ enter 15 into the width field. 

Yes, as long as you remove the space between the words. For example, a school bus will be schoolbus. Also, avoid using signs that are not letters.

No. Prefer to determine the word search puzzle size by the amounts of words and letters. If you create a large puzzle, say 40×40, and use ten words with no more than four letters each, the puzzle might be difficult for specific age groups. Thus, make sure to use a proper size that suits your age group. 

As many as you want! We aim to help teachers achieving their goals quickly and easily without compromising quality. We do that because we believe teachers have an essential role in establishing the future of our children.

We arranged word lists by themes, so it will be easier for you to quickly select words and use them in the word search puzzle. Under each theme, there is a hidden table with dozens of terms.

By default, each table presents a list of 10 words, but you can change that to show 25, 50, or 100 words. You can also filter words that consist of a specific letter by entering that letter in the filter field.

After you found your words, use the mouse’s left button to mark these words, then right-click and select copy. Scroll up to the words area, and paste the copied words. That’s it!

After you set the words for your puzzle and the puzzle size, click the Start button, and you’ll see your word search puzzle.


Under the puzzle, you’ll see two buttons. Clicking the PRINTABLE button will open the printing window.


When done printing, you’ll get an alert for closing the window.

Please use the contact form on the Contact Us page.

Planerium Word Search Maker will work best on larger screens. Try using it on Tablet, Laptop or Desktop. Thank you!

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