Best Teaching Resources For End Of Year

“We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.”

Jhon Dewey

The End of the school year is an opportunity for teachers and students to evaluate their past year subjectively and objectively. There are various approaches to do reflections and get remarkable insights on what progress has been made, individually, and as a group.

Performing reflection activities in the classroom have a significant value, primarily because it bridges the learning curriculum and real achievements, and sets the expectations for the next school year.

Using reflection activities in the classroom at the End of the year will help students retain the main topics they have learned throughout the year, and most importantly, they will enable students to recognize their achievements and the things to improve.

We are great believers in the reflection process as a medium to empower students. We also strive to create a wide range of ideas that will cost-effectively help teachers achieve that goal.

In this post, we published 15 free reflection activities that you can choose from, which are suitable for elementary school. Click for the printing page.

Check our teaching resources for more End of the year activities, and we have diplomas, certificates, graduation sets, and elementary students.

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