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End of Year Review Page

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Planerium’s Delightful End-of-Year Reflection Printable: A Creative Recap for Elementary Students

As the school year winds down, it’s crucial to guide your elementary school students in recognizing their accomplishments and development over the past year. Planerium’s End-of-Year Review Printable

offers a delightful and interactive activity that fosters reflection, sparks creativity, and commemorates their academic progress.

Tailored for the higher grades of elementary school, this versatile printable delivers an appealing writing and coloring activity that caters to both boys and girls. The enjoyable, interactive design keeps students

engrossed while reflecting on their learning experiences and personal growth throughout the year. With visually engaging prompts, students will compose thoughtful reflections,

deepening their understanding and appreciation of their educational journey.


Key features of Planerium’s End-of-Year Review Printable include: 

  1. Entertaining writing and coloring activity that encourages reflection and creative expression
  2. Designed for students in the higher grades of elementary school
  3. Inclusive and appealing format for both boys and girls
  4. Visual prompts to guide students in crafting personal reflections
  5. Inspires students to contemplate their learning progress and achievements


Incorporate Planerium’s End-of-Year Review Printable into your end-of-year activities to offer a fun and meaningful way for your students to acknowledge their accomplishments, celebrate their growth, and gear up for the next academic year.

Enhance your students’ end-of-year experience with this valuable resource – download and print our delightful End-of-Year Reflection Printable today, and help your elementary students conclude the year with a sense of achievement and self-assurance!

Include 2 pages in PDF file.

Suitable: 3-5 grades

You can use this product in your class or at home if you’re a homeschooler

This End of year’s review page is a printable product, downloaded in PDF file format in letter size.

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