End Of Year Diploma Cover

Price: $ 3.00

School Diploma Cover Template

If you are looking for more personal and unique diplomas/certificates

for your students at the end of the year, This product is designed for you!

Here you can get designed cover diplomas in 5 colors for all languages.

Just print and write your student name, date, personal quote, and signature.

*** Suitable for Primary school, the end of the year can also be used during the school year.


– 5 covers diplomas with English titles.

– 5 covers with no titles for any language.

*** Cover size: Half-letter – 5.5 x 8.5 in (140 x 216 mm)


  1. Print and cut.
  2. Add a few details in handwriting.
  3. Put the certificate inside the cover.
  4. Tighten with a stapler.
  • Choose your favorite color from 5 options and print on thick, quality paper.
  • It can be adjusted to any language with a blank template.

*** This product comes in two formats: PDF or PPT for your convenience! ***

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