Best Printables For Summer 2022

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Welcome the summer season with a handful of free coloring pages and worksheets you can easily print whenever you like. We created a beautiful and unique collection of printables for you to use in the classroom or at home. Navigate the post and find what you need for which moment or learning subject.

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What is Summer?

Summer is one of four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. What makes that season so unique is the fact that it is the hottest season of the year. In some countries, people use the summer for their vacation. They do a picnic, travel, camp, or go to the beach to enjoy the sea and the sun.

When is the Summer?

The summer season doesn’t happen at the same time on earth, and the reason for that is because the earth’s poles are not at the same distance from the sun. When the north part of the globe points toward the sun, the south part points away.

The summer on the north part of the globe begins in June and ends in September, The summer on the north part of the globe begins in June and ends in September, on the south part it begins in November and ends in January. The following drawing illustrates how the sun projects its light on the earth relatively to earth’s poles.


Summer symbols

There are many common symbols we associate with the summer season. We try to meet teaching purposes and make them flexible enough for different uses.

For example, we use symbols like the sun, summer food and clothes, beach, sea creatures, and more. Feel free to use these printables according to your needs, and share with us how you use them.

Coloring Pages for the Summer