Passover – Worksheets Booklet Posters Bundle

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Bundle Description

Immerse students in the rich traditions of Passover with our comprehensive bundle! This package is a treasure trove of resources for educators looking to deepen their festival coverage with versatile teaching aids šŸ·šŸ–¼ļø.

With engaging activities like the Ten Plagues Posters, activity pages, and a coloring booklet, the bundle ensures students learn about Passover in an interactive and enjoyable way šŸŽØšŸ§©.

Celebrate this significant festival with our Passover Bundle, now available at an exceptional price with a 20% discount on all included products šŸŽ‰šŸ’°.

Included in our Passover-themed bundle are:

  1. Passover Ten Plagues Posters: Visual Learning Aids
  2. Passover Activity Pages: Engage with Fun Tasks
  3. Passover Coloring Booklet – Ten Plagues: Blend Learning with Creativity

Dive into the story of Passover with our bundle, turning festival learning into an engaging, educational, and affordable experience.


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