Four Seasons Memory Games Bundle

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$ 3.20
$ 3.20

Best game to improve memory! For all ages.

This bundle is an excellent package of memory games for all four seasons,

that includes high-quality images and season’s related words.

Easy to prepare and fun to play.

Use these printable games to teach about the four seasons through playing memory games.

There are many benefits from playing these types of memory games,

practicing visual memory, competition, increasing engagement,

improving reading, and more.

How to prepare the game cards:

  1. Print in color on cardstock paper.
  2. If possible, we highly recommend you laminate it, and this will make the cards much more durable. 
  3. Cut the cards using a ruler and a cutting knife or have a guillotine paper cutter.

How to play:

Arrange the cards with their face down, each player in his/her turn should 

turn only two cards, if these cards are identical, then the player keeps these cards,

if not similar, he/she places them back, face down to the same place they were before.

The winner is the one who has the highest amount of pairs.

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