Spring – Memory Game – Birdhouse Shapes

Price: $ 3.00

Spring shapes memory game with a birdhouse.

This printable product includes a colorful shapes version and a black and white shapes version.

It’s an excellent game for learning about shapes in your classroom or at home with the kids.

You can choose two sets of cards or mix them:

  • 24 Colorful shapes in a birdhouse.
  • 24 Black and White figures in a birdhouse

For more information, see the Preview!

  • Include 48 pieces, 24 unique square cards
  • Size: 2.2X2.2 inch
  • Ready to print in PDF file.

You need to print, cut the pieces, and play the game.

Recommended printing on card stock or laminate for extended last use.

Great for all ages! Include instructions on how to play the memory game.

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