Hanukkah Dreidels Activity Pack

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$ 6.05

Hanukkah pack with fun activities and games plus colorful dreidel posters.

Suitable for younger learners: grades 1-3, for schools and homeschooling.
Ready to print in PDF file: Black & White + 3 colorful.
Includes: 31 pages with Coloring, Writing, Cutting, and Pasting activities.

1. 3 General Information about dreidels:

  • What is a dreidel?
  • When did it all begin?
  • How to play with a dreidel?

2. Dreidel song lyrics: Sevivon Sov Sov Sov – 2 versions in English and Hebrew,

2 versions in English with a coloring activity.

  • 4 Pages of Fun counting game: easy/difficult
  • 8 Pages of  Jigsaw Puzzles game: for different levels (includes 2 ready colorful Jigsaw ready to cut and play!)
  • 2 Pages of coloring and cut & paste activities: choose for your level.
  • 2 Pages of writing Hebrew letters and coloring: choose for your level.
  • 1 Page of Dreidels coloring worksheet.
  • 1 Page of Dreidels colorful poster.
  • 3 Pages of  Dreidels patterns.
  • 1 Page of Dreidels Colors
  • 1 Page of Numbers order
  • 1 Page of Dreidels counting

*** BONUS ***

Dreidels Poster