Hanukkah – Worksheet Collection

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Hanukkah – Worksheet Collection

How many times you’ve searched for high quality and fun activity collection for Hanukkah and didn’t find it?

Well, with this product you’ll get 18 Activities! with Hanukkah symbols, customs,

vocabulary, and math activities + answers.

We’ve made these activities as compact as possible to save printing papers,

saving costs and the environment.

Suitable: for lower primary learners – grades 1-3


– 5 Designed pages with several activities per page

– 2 Hanukkah Coloring pages

– 2 Oil Jug greeting card – a craft, coloring activity

– 2 Answers key pages.


☆         Counting Fun

☆         Scrambled words

☆         Word search game

☆         Discover the word

☆        Math word problems

☆         Rebus

☆         Matching shadow, size, and numbers

☆         Maze

☆         Drawing and coloring

☆         Math-Addition

☆         Completion of sentences

☆         Craft – making a greeting for Hanukkah

Materials: Colors and Scissors.

** Great activity for the kids on Hanukkah Candle Lighting nights!


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