Halloween Booklet – Who Am I – Grade 1

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Halloween Activities For Kids

Free fun mini book coloring activity for Halloween using one of the exciting themes of Halloween,

Hiding and disguised. Suitable for grade 1.

The little learners need to discover which animal is hiding under the cloth, provided with clues.

They have four animal images to choose from and will color the correct answer.

Students can try to write the animals’ names under the images.

At the end of the activity, the kids can take their booklet home and read with their parents.

  • A teacher or assistant can help read the riddles.

The booklet is in black and white, size A5, with a total of 18 pages that include:

  • 6 Riddles + 6 Answers
  • 3 Enrichment pages

You are flexible to choose the pages in the booklet to meet your class needs. (Pages not numbered)


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