Valentines day – Sudoku – Hearts

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Valentine’s Day Hearts fun Sudoku games for kids.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to practice puzzle-solving skills,

and what better way than with Planerium’s Hearts Fun Sudoku games for kids!

These printable games are perfect for children who are just starting to learn about Sudoku.

Suitable for Kindergarten, First grade, and second grade.

Include two puzzles 4X4 with different images and with three difficulty levels:

Easy, medium, and challenging. Plus Answers!


These worksheets are perfect for use in the classroom or at home,

as a way to supplement math instruction

and keep kids engaged in learning.


Help your child develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills

with these fun and colorful Sudoku games.

Download as PDF file format, ready for printing.

Click the button now to download and print them out!


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