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7 Engaging Booklets to Use in Your Classroom

Booklets Are some of my favorite resources to create for learners because they are so engaging, effective, and fun! These interactive activity books can be used with any subject and are perfect for kindergarten and lower primary students. Planerium’s booklets are packed with learning activities ...

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The Surprising Benefits to Using Puzzles in Classroom

Using Puzzles in Classroom When is the last time you sat down to complete a jigsaw puzzle? Has it been awhile, or are you a puzzle pro? Have you ever used puzzles in the classroom? Many people think of puzzles as just a fun way to fill time, but they actually help children build important ...

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12 Reasons why to use games in your classroom

Games in Classroom Schools today look very different than they used to. Gone are the days of boring “sit and get” classrooms where kids just listened to lectures and scribbled notes. Today’s educators are constantly innovating, looking for new and engaging ideas, and adding more and more ...

Fun Learning with Halloween

Halloween Activity Pages There are many benefits to using games in the classroom. Students are more engaged and motivated in learning while playing games. If you want to read more about the benefits of games in the classroom, read: How to make learning fun & meaningful with classroom ...

Happy Birthday Crowns

Birthday Crowns It was time for my daughter’s and her friend’s fourth birthday party, which was held at home. I had an idea to create a personal, colorful birthday crown with the childrens’ name and age. The process of designing these birthday crowns was enjoyable for me. I wanted them to be ...

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Back to School Craft Activity- Know me chain

Back to School Craft Activity to connect with your students after the long Summer break Getting back to your students after the long Summer break, and especially when you have a new class, might be challenging. Therefore, I decided to create an “all about me” activity for the higher grades (4-6) ...

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3 Reasons You Need Memory Games in Your Classroom

If you’re looking for fun, engaging ways to spice up learning in your classroom, consider memory games! Here at Planerium, we love creating educational memory games that teachers love for their ease and versatility. We have many themes and educational topics to choose from, so you’re sure to ...

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