Birthday Crowns and Bracelets

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Printable Crowns and Bracelets for Birthdays

Birthday Crowns and bracelets are an excellent way for kids to stand out and feel special for one day.

With this attractive, designed set of crowns, you are flexible in choosing the right crown for your needs:

  • Colored boy/girl with age numbers on the crown for ages 3-7. (write the name of the child)
  • Colored boy/girl with a choice to write names and numbers.
  • Colored with only the “Happy Birthday” title. (suitable for all genders and ages!!)
  • Black and white ready to color with age numbers on the crown for ages 3-7.
  • Black and white with a choice to write names and numbers and colors.

*** Instructions are included (Watch the preview Video)


  1. Simply print the crown you like best on cardstock size: 8.5 x 11.
  2. Color (black and white version), and write the student’s name and his/her age.
  3. Cut out.
  4. Staple the band to the arm/crown.


*** Bonus ***

Birthday-colored strips of black & and white colored to use as bracelets, bookmarks, or other uses.


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