Summer Season – Reading – Word Matching Interactive

Price: $ 5.00

Interactive Word Matching Worksheet

Fun and engaging Summer, End of the year, interactive, word matching activity in PowerPoint.

The objective is to practice English using Summer vocabulary words and match image to word or word to image.

Intended for grade 1, Homeschooling, special education, smartboards, and more.

** This activity is for use with PowerPoint in design mode.

The product includes instructions and you can choose.PPT version or PPTX:

* 4 slides – Image to word

* 1 slide – Image to word template ready to use for your own activities.

* 4 slides – Word to image

* 1 slide – Word to image template ready to use for your own activities.


– PowerPoint software from version 2010 or higher

– PC or Laptop  with PowerPoint installed

*** Only basic knowledge of PowerPoint is required


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