Best Teaching Resources For Back to School

Back to School - Coloring pages and worksheets | Planerium

“Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained, and delighted.” Dr. Seuss Whether you’re a teacher or a parent for kids at the lower primary grades, possible you already know a thing or two about the engagement challenge. It’s a fact that most kids at that age range […]

Free Coloring Pages and Worksheets for Covid-19

Free Coloring Pages and Worksheets About Coronavirus - Post Featured | Planerium

A collection of coloring pages and worksheets you can print for free to better help your young students cope with the Coronavirus pandemic. Use it in your classroom or send it as links to your students in distance learning so that they can print it at home. Let us know how you use it in […]

Back to School Craft Activity- Know me chain

Back to School Crafts Know me Chain

Back to School Craft Activity to connect with your students after the long Summer break Getting back to your students after the long Summer break, and especially when you have a new class, might be challenging. Therefore, I decided to create an “all about me” activity for the higher grades (4-6) in Primary school. My […]