Prepare Our Children For the Future


“We may not be able to prepare

the future for our children,

but we can at least prepare

our children for the future”

Unknown Author

Today, kids might be growing up in a high-tech world,

but they still need reading, writing, and arithmetic.

And they also need those soft skills that will help them navigate the future —

critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

In addition to the basics, kids also need to understand how the world works.

Kids need to know how things are made and how they’re distributed.

Kids need to know about the different cultures and languages

that exist in their country and worldwide.

They need to know about the laws that govern the land.

They need to be educated about the dangers and how to protect themselves from them.

Kids need to know about family and responsibility,

how to be a good spouse or partner, and how to be a good parent.


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