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Chinese New Year Wordsearch With 20 Words


Discover Festive Fun: Free Chinese New Year Wordsearch

🎉 Elevate your classroom celebrations with Planerium’s Free Printable “Chinese New Year Wordsearch with 20 Words” –

a fantastic resource designed to engage and educate students in higher grades of elementary school! 🐉

🧧 Discover the Magic of Chinese New Year:
Immerse your students in the rich cultural tapestry of Chinese New Year with this vibrant and educational word search. Featuring 20 carefully chosen words related to the festivities:

China, noodles, fireworks, zodiac, lunar, Asia, festival, culture, new year, tradition, lantern, dragon,

wishful, February, money, fortune, family, envelope, holiday, and lucky.

🔍 Engaging Learning for Higher Grades:
Tailored for students in higher grades of elementary school, this word search provides a fun yet challenging activity that aligns with their cognitive development. Foster critical thinking skills as they hunt for words related to Chinese New Year traditions, symbols, and customs.

Benefits in the Classroom:

  • Cultural Awareness: Expand your students’ horizons by exploring the significance of Chinese New Year. This word search serves as a gateway to understanding diverse cultures and traditions.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement: Reinforce language skills by exposing students to themed vocabulary. From “dragon” to “lantern,” each word adds a layer of cultural and linguistic enrichment.
  • Collaborative Learning: Encourage teamwork and communication as students work together to solve the word search. Foster a positive classroom environment through shared discoveries and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Celebratory Atmosphere: Infuse your classroom with the festive spirit of Chinese New Year. This activity not only educates but also brings an element of joy and celebration to your teaching space.

🌟 Tips for Classroom Success:

  • Interactive Discussion: Kick off the activity with a brief discussion on the significance of Chinese New Year. Share interesting facts about traditions, customs, and the symbolism behind the Year of the Ox.
  • Pair with Crafts: Extend the learning experience by incorporating simple Chinese New Year crafts or art projects. This holistic approach enhances comprehension and creativity.


📚 Make Chinese New Year an unforgettable educational experience with Planerium’s Free Printable Wordsearch. Download now and watch your students embark on a cultural journey filled with excitement and learning! 🧨


Task: Find the words listed and mark them in the letters grid

Objective: Reading, writing

Level: Moderate/Hard

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