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Passover Matching Game – Ten Plagues

$ 4.00


Passover for kids

A colorful matching/memory game with the ten plagues of Egypt,

Designed especially for Passover.

Every card includes an image of the plague and titles in Hebrew and English.

Include 24 pieces and 12 square cards.

Size: 2.3X2.3 inch

✽ Blood
✽ Frogs
✽ Lice
✽ Wild animals and a version of flies
✽ Livestock
✽ Boils
✽ Hail
✽ Locust
✽ Darkness
✽ Death of firstborn
✽ Collage with all the plagues

Ready to print in PDF file.

All you need is to print, cut the pieces and play the game.

Recommended printing on cardstock paper, or laminate for long last use.

Suitable for all ages!

Great for learning about the ten plagues!

A fun activity for the Seder!

Playing memory games is a wonderful gift for your children not only to enhance their memory

but also to improve self-awareness, communication skills, social skills, and self-confidence.

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