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Trees and Forests

Forests and trees are magical, from far they looks the same, but soon as you get closer you see how liveable they are, nothing remains the same. Each time we visit the forests, in the Flanders or the Walloon regions, we discover new shapes, sizes and colors of trees. If we keep quiet for a while, we can even hear the wind whistled through leaves, and of course, the smell, oh, the smell! We always take deep breaths and inhale the air that rises from the wet and cold ground, then it is the moment when we feel completely attached with nature! Whenever we see interesting shapes or textures we take a photo, because we know you might find some that could be useful for your work. If you want to use these photos for educational purposes, simply sign in to our site, click on any image, view in full size and download it for free! If you’ve never signed in before, click this signup button now SignUp

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