Best Printables For Spring 2021

Spring season coloring pages and worksheets

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Albert Einstein Springtime is the season after winter season as well as before summertime. Days become much longer, and weather condition obtains warmer in the war zone since the Planet tilts relative to its […]

Best Printables for Carnival

Carnival - Coloring Pages and Worksheets | Planerium

Celebrate Carnival with high-quality coloring pages and worksheets that kids will love! Choose your favorites for your class! Suitable for Elementary School. Coloring Pages Worksheets

The Surprising Benefits to Using Puzzles in Classroom

Using Puzzles in the Classroom When is the last time you sat down to complete a jigsaw puzzle? Has it been a while, or are you a puzzle pro? Have you ever used puzzles in the classroom? Many people think of puzzles as just a fun way to fill time, but they actually help children […]

12 Reasons why to use games in your classroom


Games in the Classroom Schools today look very different than they used to. Gone are the days of boring “sit and get” classrooms where kids just listened to lectures and scribbled notes. Today’s educators are constantly innovating, looking for new and engaging ideas, and adding more and more technology to the classroom. One of the […]