Four Seasons Patterns Activities Bundle

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How to develop logical thinking at an early age?

Two of the most demanding skills nowadays are logic and math thinking.

We’re living in an evolving technological era that makes these skills a must,

and the sooner kids start, the better they’ll be able to cope with the change.

Patterns activity is an excellent way to start practicing these skills.

Our bundle is tied well with the seasons. Therefore, educators can teach 

about the season while promoting logical skills.

You can also use the patterns activity between other educational activities, 

like warmers, time fillers, or icebreakers.

Suitable for lower Primary grades, special education, and homeschooling.

This bundle includes excellent activities at a great price, 

with a 20% discount on all the bundled products!

Each one of these printable Patterns contains ten pages with 50 patterns rows on each page,

in colors, and comes in PDF file format.

Each product includes five types of patterns:

  1. AB
  2. AABB
  3. ABB
  4. AAB
  5. ABC

Each product is unique in these aspects:

  1. Simple to use and teach
  2. Fun and engaging
  3. Promote logical thinking
  4. High-quality and appealing clipart
  5. Fun and engaging

How to use:

Students will cut and paste the missing image in each pattern row.

The pattern rows can be cut and used separately.

You can use this product in your class or at home if you’re a homeschooler

As a time filler or as a warmer.


Scissors and a glue stick.

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