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Scavenger Hunt Template for the Summer

A printable scavenger hunt template with 10 placeholders to fill in with items related to the Summer.

To insert the items, use our free customizer with the text and clipart modules.

Click the red Start Customizing button below the image.

You can also share with your google classroom, by using the Google Classroom share button located below the image.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Planerium Customizer?

Planerium Customizer is a free online Teacher Assistant Tool. It lets you customize our printables quickly and easily. 

Who can benefit from Planerium Customizer?

Planerium Customizer is for educators who want to create and share worksheets tailored to their needs.

Is Planerium Customizer free?

Yes. It’s completely free to use.

What about copyrights?

All the digital assets that available in the Planerium Customizer are copyright protected, and subject to the International creative commons license BY-NC-SA which means: You’re free to share, copy, and redistribute under the same license. You can adapt, remix, transform, and build upon your creations. You may not use your creations for commercial purposes. You must add credit whenever displayed out of

Do I need to sign up to use it?

Yes. Only If you want to use images, or use the advanced editing feature.

How to share my work?

For any change that you make on the Planerium Customizer, you can generate a unique sharable link. The link will be visible soon after you click the Share Customization button. To share your created worksheet with others, all you need to do is copy that link and send it. Anyone who opens that link will get the exact customized page with your customization, so he/she can change it and redistribute it to others. 

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