Summer Memory Game in Hebrew

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$ 4.75

A colorful, fun memory matching game designed especially for the Summer season.

Include images and words of Summer.

There are two sets of cards to choose from:

Set-1: Cards with images, suitable more for the little learners’ preschool and kindergarten.

Set-2: Cards with images and Summer words in Hebrew to match the right image –

Suitable for primary school grade 1-3, and homeschooling.

Include 72 pieces, 36 cards in a set.

Size: 2.15X2.25 inch

Summer words on the cards:

✽ שמש ✽ אבטיח✽ ענבים✽ דובדבנים✽ כפכפים ✽ חמניה
✽ משקפי שמש✽ מלון✽ שזיף✽ מזגן✽ סנדלים✽ בגד ים
✽ כובע✽ גלידה ✽ ארטיק✽ גופיה✽ שמשיה✽דלי וכף

Ready to print in PDF file.

All you need is to print, cut the pieces and play the game.

** We Recommend to print on card stock or laminate the print for long last use.

This is a great game to learn about Summer together with learning new words!