Back to School - Memory Game

$ 4.00

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Memory games are favorite among children, and they are fun and highly engaging in the classroom.

This memory game includes images and English words related to the ‘back to school’ subject.

Use this memory game as a warmer or as a filler.

Get an idea about the reading level of your students.

It’s easy to prepare and increase your flexibility in the classroom.

The product includes 48 cards in two sets of 24 cards each, and detailed instructions.

Size of each card: 2.4″ x 2.4″

Objective: Warmer, ice-breaker, a glimpse into students’ reading skills.

Words on cards:
pencil, book, school, markers, bell, pen, notebook, scissors

crayons, eraser, sharpener, ruler, baseball, basketball, trophy,

pencils case, globe, glue, board, bus, desk, calculator, clock, backpack

Grades: 1-2

File format: PDF

Actions: Print, cut the cards, play.

We recommend printing on a cardstock paper and laminate.