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What Children Learn From You


“Children learn more from what you are

than what you teach them.”

William Edward Burghardt Du Bois

Kids are sponges who learn more from what they see than what they hear.

They will pick up on your behavior — your habits — faster than they know any facts.

Watching you is how they learn right from wrong.

They will also pick up on your attitude — how you act towards them —

faster than they know any words.

The way you treat them is how they will treat others.

Your kids are watching and listening — every day —

and they are especially tuned in when you’re talking to your spouse.

They take mental notes and store those facts away in their little heads.

Then, when the time comes for them to use those facts,

they’ll draw from their own experience.

They’ll use their observed attitude to decide how to apply those words.


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