New Year Wishing Posters

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New Year Wishing Posters

Bring a touch of color and inspiration to your space with Planerium’s new year wishing posters.

These beautifully designed posters feature six colorful greeting cards, each with a different wish for the new year written inside an apple appearing from an open colorful window.

The wishes include a “Year of peace”, “Year of fulfillment”, “Year of happiness”, “Year of growth”, “Year of health”, and “Year of creation”.

These posters make a great addition to any classroom, office, or home.

Hang them up and let the positive messages inspire you to make the most of the new year.

Order your set of Planerium’s new year wishing posters today!

Includes PNG files in high resolution

1. 6 Greeting Cards with wishes for the new year:

Card size 7″ x 9″:

  • Year of peace
  • Year of fulfillment
  • Year of happiness
  • Year of growth
  • Year of health
  • Year of creation

2. 6 Templates with no text for your own wishes. size 7″ x 9″

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