Fall Season picture activity

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Fall Season – Picture Kids Activity

Fun Fall visual activity, learning about the Fall symbols.

Students will learn about the Fall by looking at a picture and answering questions regarding quantities,

color recognition, positioning within the picture, and more.

At the end of the Fall picture task, the students will write their own Fall story and color

or draw a painting related to their story.

With this activity, you can work and improve a variety of skills:

observation, reading comprehension, fine motor reinforcement, creative writing, and creativity.

Suitable for grades 2 and grade 3.

Includes 12 pages in PDF file:

A) 2 Versions of Fall picture activity:

1. Fall picture puzzle with questions about the picture.

2. Fall picture with questions about the picture.
(same questions as the puzzle version)

B) Creative writing: “My Fall story” with 4 different versions.

C) Fall coloring page.


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