Shavuot – Matching Game – Shavuot Symbols

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Shavuot Symbols – Memory Game

A colorful matching/memory game designed especially for Shavuot with the Seven Species and other symbols of the holiday.

There are two sets of cards to choose from:

One just with an image and the second one includes titles in Hebrew and English.

As a bonus, you can have a front card cover. (Instructions included!)

Include 48 pieces, 24 square cards
Size: 2.3X2.3 inch

Titles on the cards:
✽ Torah Scroll
✽ Chala
✽ Grapes
✽ Tablets of the Law
✽ Dairy products
✽ Date
✽ Fig
✽ Pomegranate
✽ Olive
✽ Wheat
✽ Barley

Ready to print in PDF file.
All you need is to print, cut the pieces and play the game.

  • Recommended printing on card stock or laminate for extended last use.
  • Suitable for all ages!
  • Great game for learning about Shavuot!
Read and learn more about using memory games in the classroom
in our blog post :



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