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Fall Puzzle – Pumpkin Colors Game

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Fall Pumpkin Matching Game Printable for Young Learners

Enjoy the colors and excitement of autumn with our Fall Pumpkin Matching Game Printable! This engaging activity is perfect for young learners in Preschool, Kindergarten through Grade 1. No need for extensive preparation; simply download, print, cut, and play!


Vibrant Pumpkin Varieties: This printable game includes eight different colored pumpkin images, ranging from red and green to blue and yellow. Your children will love matching the pumpkins to complete the shapes with the same color, providing both educational and creative entertainment.

Versatile Fun: Ideal for Fall and Halloween activities, whether at school or home, during playdates, on weekends, road trips, rainy days, or while babysitting. It’s a fantastic resource for keeping kids engaged and entertained.

Bonus Worksheets: In addition to the matching game, this product also includes worksheets with pasting and coloring activities. It’s a comprehensive educational tool that enhances fine motor skills and color recognition.

Easy Printing: The included PDF file is ready for download and printing. Each puzzle piece measures 1.5 x 2.6 inches, making it convenient for little hands to manipulate.

Durable Material: For long-lasting use, we recommend printing on cardboard or thick paper, or consider laminating the pieces to ensure they withstand repeated play.

Extra Challenge: If your child enjoys a challenge, you can cut each image into four pieces instead of two, adding an extra layer of difficulty to the game. Additionally, the puzzle pieces can double as memory game cards. Simply place them face down and flip over two at a time to find matching pairs. Remove the matching pieces as you go along for an exciting memory challenge.

Transform your Fall and Halloween activities into memorable learning experiences with our Fall Pumpkin Matching Game Printable. It’s a convenient and fun resource that helps children develop essential skills while having a blast. Download now and start playing today!


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