Back to School – Memory Game

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School supplies memory game printable is a fun and engaging activity for students in the first weeks of school or for kids learning English as a second language.

It’s an easy-to-prepare, flexible option for use as a warmer or a filler in the classroom.

This memory game includes images and related English words.

Total of 48 cards in two sets of 24 cards each, and detailed instructions.

Cards measure 2.4″ x 2.4″.

Words on cards:
pencil, book, school, markers, bell, pen, notebook, scissors

crayons, eraser, sharpener, ruler, baseball, basketball, trophy,

pencils case, globe, glue, board, bus, desk, calculator, clock, backpack

Grades: 1-2

Objective: Warmer, ice-breaker, a glimpse into students’ reading skills.

File format: PDF

Actions: Print, cut the cards, play.

We recommend printing on cardstock paper and laminate.


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