Shavuot Craft Crowns

Price: $ 3.00

Special Designed Shavuot Crown with a Coloring and a Colorful version for your needs.

You can choose:

  • Craft activity for the Shavuot holiday, at home or in class for the kids.
  • A colorful ready-to-print crown for Shavuot ceremonies in school/class or in the Shavuot Seder.

Just print, cut, and staple.

Include Three Crowns with BW and Colorful versions:

  1. With Hebrew Shavuot title.
  2. With English Shavuot title.
  3. With a blank shape to write the student’s name or another title.

* Size of the print is Letter size.

* Instructions included (see preview)

Materials: Colors, Cutter, Scissors, stapler

Suitable for little learners PreK to grade 2.

** Recommended printing on cardstock or paste the print on a thin card stock and then cut.

** kids will need help with the cutting, use a Cutter or Small scissors for parts with a delicate cut.

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