Fun Learning with Halloween


Halloween Activity Pages

There are many benefits to using games in the classroom. Students are more engaged and motivated in learning while playing games. If you want to read more about the benefits of games in the classroom, read: How to make learning fun & meaningful with classroom games.

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to engage our students through fun activities. Planerium offers a mix of educational games and fun activities for lower grades in primary school, related to the Holiday’s symbols and customs, Including writing, drawing, coloring, and counting activities.

These activities may be used as an enrichment activity, a summary of the topic, class Halloween party, or for homeschooling. We love these activities because they encourage students’ creativity and bring their imagination to life.


Halloween is not celebrated in your country?

No Problem! This resource can be incorporated while studying Holidays Around the World.

Check out our Halloween activity pages for kids, an excellent collection of various activities

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