Coloring Pages and Worksheets for Spring

Free Printables for Spring

Spring enrichment printables to use in your class or at Home.

Select any coloring page or worksheet to print and give your kids something meaningful and creative to do while staying at home or in the class.

We have created for you a collection of high quality coloring pages and Worksheets your kids will love!

Suitable for Kindergarten and lower grades in Elementary School.

Coloring Pages

Spring season coloring Pages | Hello spring | Planerium

Hello Spring

Spring Coloring with a title and related items.

Spring coloring page with two smiling flowers

Happy Spring title with smiling flowers

Spring coloring page - Season cloths

Spring seasonal cloths

Spring coloring page - Boots in the pond

Boots in the pond

Spring coloring page with a flower in a pot and vertical zigzag background

Flower in a pot on a vertical zigzag background

Spring coloring page with a smiling flower

Spring garden

Flowers and butterflies with a Spring title

Spring season coloring pages | Flowers butterflies | Planerium

Flowers field and butterflies

Spring coloring page - Watering a smiling flower

Watering a Smiley face flower

Spring coloring page - Smiling flying kite

Flying smiling kite

Spring coloring page - Flower with a Ladybug

Ladybug on a Flower

Spring coloring page with houseplants on a window

Houseplants on a Window

A Spring frame.

Spring coloring page with a big heart-shaped flower

Heart shaped Flower

Coloring template to decorate your classroom.

Spring coloring page with flowers frame

Flowers Frame

Spring coloring page with a flower in a pot on brick wall background

Flower in a pot on a brick wall background

Spring coloring page of Octagon umbrella with flowers

Octagon shaped Umbrella

Top view umbrella with flowers decoration

Spring coloring page - Ladybug on a flower and zigzag background

Ladybug on a Flower with horizontal zigzag background

Spring season coloring pages | Flowers of spring | Planerium

Spring title made of Flowers

Spring coloring page with a decagon shaped umbrella

Decagon shaped Umbrella

Top view umbrella template

Spring coloring page with a flower in a pot

Flower in a pot template

Spring coloring page - Octagon shaped umbrella

Octagon shaped Umbrealla

Top view umbrella coloring template

Spring coloring page with a tree template

Tree coloring template

Worksheets and Games

Spring coloring worksheet of spring related words

Spring Words 

Color the words related to the Spring season. Teaching tip: 1. Play with your students “Find the words”. 2. Let your students choose some words and color then draw or write something about them.

Spring coloring worksheet color season related items

Spring related Items

Color the items related with the spring season

Spring coloring page - Octagon shaped umbrella with title and name

Octagon Umbrella 

Top view umbrella template for students to decorate and color. Include a name field

Spring coloring page Tree template with title and name

Tree template

Draw and color your Spring seasonal tree

Spring coloring page with ladybugs maze

Ladybugs maze

Spring coloring worksheet - Counting and sorting spring items

Couting and Sorting

Write the correct number of each image

Spring Worksheet - Puzzle color image halves

Image halves coloring puzzle

Use same Color for pair for the right image halves

Spring coloring worksheet color flowers petals

Flower field

Color the flower petals according to the instructions

Spring Worksheet Symmetry Drawing

Symmetry Drawing

Draw the missing half of each image and color it

Spring coloring worksheet with butterflies

Butterfly Wings

Color the butterflies’ wings according to the instructions

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