Best Printables For Earth Day 2022

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Celebrate the Earth Day with our coloring pages and worksheets you can print for free. Meaningful, fun, and creative activities your students will enjoy doing while learning this important subject, especially these days, we all must understand the importance of keeping our home planet safe by adopting the right mindset and taking the proper actions.

What is “Earth Day”?

Earth Day is an annual event marked around the globe on April 22 to show care and protect our environment.

When did Earth day start?

The idea of a global celebration of an “Earth Day” first introduced by the peace activist John McConnell at the 1969 UNESCO Conference on the environment. The first one to officially adopt this celebration day was the San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto on March 21, 1970. Since that date, it’s celebrated annually on April 22 in over 195 nations worldwide.

If you’d like to learn more, participate, and take action, visit the Earth Day official website on

Terms and symbols

Planet Earth – Our only home!

Recycling – The process of converting waste into new materials. This process can be very efficient when we as consumers separating our garbage using recycling bins.

Human Hands – Represent our care and the inevitable link between our actions and the impact on the environment.

Plants – Our primary source of oxygen, health, food, and beauty. Represent the tremendous riches and diversification of our planet.

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