7 Engaging Booklets to Use in Your Classroom

Booklets Are some of my favorite resources to create for learners because they are so engaging, effective, and fun! These interactive activity books can be used with any subject and are perfect for kindergarten and lower primary students.

Planerium’s booklets are packed with learning activities that encourage reading skills and creativity. Our thematic books are great for emerging readers because of the simple, predictable stories and appealing artwork. Mini books make learning to read a piece of cake!


Why do educators everywhere love booklets?


Teachers can tailor each mini-book to the unique needs of their students and grade level. You can add or reduce pages that fit your learners, insert more content as learning evolves, and adjust the level of difficulty.


Move beyond basic worksheets or stand-alone lessons by using mini books as a complete unit. Kids love having complete and creative stories to read and engage with.

Diversity of Skills

The process of creating mini books gives students the chance to use a lot of different skills at once: reading, writing, coloring, cutting with scissors, and presenting as they share their books with others.


Mini books are an awesome way to focus students’ attention on the structure of a book. They become familiar with components like a cover and title page, and they see the general process of the beginning, middle, and end in storytelling.


As students work to create their own unique book, they express themselves in creative ways. Kids really get into personalizing their books and putting their own unique stamp on them!


Teachers love our mini books because they are downloadable and photocopy ready. There are also extension activities for each book, so you can customize the book to fit your students’ needs and interests.

Easy to send Home

Mini books are easy to send home for at-home reading with parents. We’d like to think every child has access to books at home, but sadly, this isn’t always the case. Creating booklets in class together helps kids build an at-home library and can be a highly relevant, meaningful way to take learning home.


Perhaps the most valuable benefit to mini books comes when children share their books with parents, friends, or siblings. Because they have worked so hard and have created a meaningful product, kids are eager to show it to everyone! The pride and sense of accomplishment kids get from building and designing their very own books are amazing!


Check out Planerium’s booklets!

I love designing these books because I see so much value in them, and my students do too! To add mini books to your classroom rotation, I have several products available:

1. My family bookletan awesome “get to know me,” “family day,” or enrichment activity. Children make a full booklet all about their families. This can be adapted for all types of families and is perfect for sending as an at-home reading activity!

2. My Fruit tree booklet (Free!) – children become acquainted with 10 different types of fruit trees as they practice reading, writing, and coloring skills to complete each page.

3. Halloween booklet pre-k (Free!) – Guess who’s hiding? This cute pre-k activity has kids guess which animal is hiding by answering riddles. Kids work to solve the mystery and color the pages. Then, they can take it home to read with parents.


4. Halloween booklet grade 1 (Free!) – This booklet has the same concept as our pre-k version, but more advanced, with four images to choose from. Kids guess the answer to the riddles, and color the correct animals.

5. The ten plagues bookletTeach children all about Passover and the Ten Plagues with this mini-book. Great for Hebrew and English learners, children practice coloring, numbers, and cutting. We also have a version for older kids that adds a writing component.

Click image to view a preview video



6. Purim coloring bookletCelebrate Purim with this interactive coloring booklet. It includes 5 characters from the book of Esther, including the English name for each of them.

7. End of year reflection booklet – every upper elementary or middle school teacher needs this meaningful booklet in their classroom! As the school year comes to a close, it’s important for students to stop and reflect on their achievements, challenges, and memories. Once completed, this book makes a wonderful keepsake for students to share with their families and look back on as they prepare for the next school year.

Which booklet will you use in your classroom?

Leave us a comment on the blog! We’d also love for you to share photos of how you use mini books in your classroom. We love seeing the creativity of students all around the world! Shoot us an email or share them on our Facebook page.

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